Hand & Malt Brewery

It’s been awhile since my last video. Got busy with some corporate work, my other job (which I work at full time), and a new journey into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).

I stopped by the Hand & Malt Brewery a few months ago and finally got this video ready. It’s not most edgy video, but it certainly reflects what I learned and experienced in my visit.

How It Started
I first became fully aware of Hand & Malt on a trip out to Sweet Oak, which you can see here. I was there for barbecue, yet one of the strongest impressions was from the stout beer I had. A week later I had a chance to shoot the owner, Bryan Do, for a magazine piece. One thing led to another and I was off to the brewery out in Namyangju.

Biggest Impressions
The big takeaway from my visit was that excellence is boring. And what I mean by that is a lot of hard work, practice, and patience is required for anything cool to happen. It’s certainly the case with my photographic and videography education, where I’ve put in hours and hours of practice into projects that will never see the light of day, but were critical to my development.

The last bit of video is not perfectly color corrected (or really corrected at all, for that matter), but it was from a different visit, when I went back to pick up some extra orders of beer. I still have a bunch in my fridge, and I look forward to enjoying every last drop.

Chimek Journal
I honestly don’t know how many more videos under “Chimek Journal” I’ll make, as I’d like to focus on short-form documentaries, go back to developing still photography projects, and of course getting better in BJJ. I have footage for two or three more journals, and I’ll reevaluate from there.

A big thanks to Bryan at Hand & Malt Brewery for hosting me, and for making such awesome beer! If you ever see it served at a restaurant or bar (that’s pretty much the only way to get it), you owe it to yourself to give it a shot!

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