Gear Talk: Fuji Love

Quick Note
I was supposed to upload the next Chimek Journal video about Hand and Malt Brewery. But due to some issues with the footage that I’m currently working through and some paid work coming up, I’ll need to delay that for a couple of weeks.

But I want to hold my commitment to releasing one video a week, so I whipped up this video in a few hours. I had intended to release gear-related vids eventually but I had no specific timetable.

In terms of brand loyalty, Fujifilm has mine more than any other corporation. I feel happy when I carry a Fuji, I feel happy with I shoot with it, and I’m very happy with the results.

Why? Well, I love the manual controls. Fast adjustments that are intuitive give me total control over my stills. It looks like a film camera and takes photos in complete silence with the electronic shutter. Even the mechanical shutter is more quiet than any other camera I’ve ever shot with. Because of this, people barely give me a second look when I’m doing street photography.

I became serious about photography three and a half years ago, and boy do I struggle with GAS. That’s Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Photography (and by proxy, videography) is one of those hobbies that can easily consume your bank account.

If I could do it over again, there are a lot of things I wouldn’t have bought, and a few things I would have. But in a broader sense that’s part of the journey.

Advice To Myself
If I could go back in time and save myself some grief, what would I have told myself?
1. Get a GH2 and one prime lens, and only shoot with that for a year. Learn the crap out of the fundamentals of still photography.
2. Start watching The Art of Photography and let that be your school. I only recently discovered that channel and I love the host’s approach. Light on gear talk and heavy on technique and photography history, it continues to be a great resource for my growth. I followed so many photo gurus on Youtube and would buy what they recommended, going down a rabbit hole of gear acquisition when I could’ve been making pictures.
3. Second year, buy a nice flash and a pair of Pocket Wizard remotes, light stand, and 24×24 softbox.
4. Start learning your video, buddy. I’m pretty happy with how I learned video, but I would say…
5. Don’t buy adfas;dklfjas;difjasdiofjasd;lfkjasd;fklajsd;fkasdjf;sdkljf. Yeah, those. I’ve bought a lot of video-related crap that I never use. A lot of the products I bought were good, but not practical given my lack of car. Living in Seoul, most people don’t have cars because the subway system is so efficient and cabs are so cheap.
6. Year whatever. Buy that GH4 and make your stories.

Notice there are only two cameras mentioned, and neither of them are a Fuji? I would’ve saved thousands of dollars if I had kept my gear simple. But the thing is I didn’t receive that advice and I wouldn’t have been able to follow it if I did. And I got bit by the Fuji X100S bug and now I’m hooked.

Production Notes
Yes, yes, jump cuts and a lack of B-roll. I was there to buy gear, not to do a big shoot for Fuji. As mentioned, I wanted to get this out today.

Thanks for reading!

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