Chimek Journal: Intro

Welcome to the Chimek Journal!

This series (7 or 8 episodes are planned) will be documenting various (mostly food-related ) experiences over the past year.  Some of the clips used in my montage are from America or other random travels, and they won’t be featured in the episodes.

Production notes
My decision to create content in this format has mostly come from necessity.

I had an entire webseries planned that I was going to produce in 2016 but my lead fell through. My many attempts at finding crew and other talent to share the camera with haven’t been successful, and I realized the only person I could count on to be there was myself.

So what could I create with only myself in front and behind the camera? Forget fiction. Without a cast, self-shooting prohibits a lot of shots (like leaving a camera unattended to do a wide shot).

I played around with the idea of making semi-fictional stories, but that still needed a crew. If I’m getting a tour of a place (like I did at a brewery – that’ll be the third or fourth episode), it’s a bit off-putting to my hosts for me to be playing a role. I’m already imposing on them enough as it is.

So  I’ll be presenting the experiences more or less as they happen, with less deliberate structure. My process is as follows:

  1. Find a subject or experience I’m interested in
  2. Get permission to shoot there, arrange interviews if relevant and possible
  3. Shoot and enjoy the shit out of myself
  4. Find an abbreviated story in the edit

I’ve already fallen behind production. My hope is to get consistent starting the second week of January.

Here’s to a great 2017!

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