The Soft Open

McPherson’s BBQ Pub was an Alabama style restaurant that opened in Seoul in February 2016. The operator, Joe McPherson, is a pillar of the expat foodie community, leading gastro tours and consulting on various projects, including Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

I had known Joe from working together for a local magazine. And when I heard he was opening an American barbecue restaurant, I wanted to check it out. On a whim, I asked if I could make a short video about it, see what kind of story I could make from it.

I say it was a restaurant because of various unfortunate circumstances, he had to leave the restaurant and soon after it was changed to a different concept. When I look back on this video, it’s therefore bittersweet. The quick glimpses I was lucky enough to see into his process hinted at how much of himself he was pouring himself into the project.

It’s so damn easy to criticize a plate of food, but whenever I visit a restaurant I’m acutely aware of how much work goes into even the simplest of dishes. I admired Joe for his passion to get it right and was surprised at how much work had to be done for even a small restaurant.

Technical Thoughts
Just as in all of my videos, it was just me and my GH4 and Rode Videomic Go. I soon switched to the Rode Videomic Pro because that bit of extra power helps on the audio pick up. I’ve only worked with few video camera systems, but I appreciate the GH4’s simplicity of use (once you’ve set everything up). The ability to quickly switch between different camera profiles was a lifesaver.



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